Est.Subduing the EarthGENESIS 1:28One creature at a Time



The concept of Dominion Outdoors was formed, as a lot of things are, by chance.  It was on one of the worst days my wife and I have experienced.  We had just found out that our twelve year old first born was going to have to be put down.  Yea, don’t panic, it was our Golden Retriever, Sawyer.  He became a part of our family only a year after we were married.  He had grown up with us.  He had been through hurricanes, job changes, graduate school and campouts.  In truth he had been a part of our entire married life, but the time had come to make that tough decision...and it really was a tough decision.  I will never forget walking into our vet’s office with ice-cream in hand (Sawyer’s favorite) only to see our old boy attempting to muster his energy and lethargically walk toward us with a slight wag of the tail.  This was a far cry from the euphoric greeting to which we were accustomed.  

Our veterinarian, who is a friend and a deacon in his church, shared something with us that day that was both comforting and profound.  He told us the story of creation and how God gave us dominion over the animals.  He said, “We can decide when it is time for animals to die because God gave them to us and we have the authority to determine the best time for life to end for them… however, we do not have that same authority over people, that is God’s business.”  It was in that moment that something was planted in me that would work itself out over time.  Like a seed that was planted and with time and the right nutrients, it grows.

As Dominion Outdoors grew in my heart and mind, I began to move from talking about this as a playful concept, to really researching it and developing it.  I searched the internet and discovered that no one had made the connection between God’s covenant in the book of Genesis and the hunting world as a declaration of faith.  I immediately submitted for a trademark and,  the Federal Trademark Commission confirmed there was  nothing to compare to this concept.  Now, the trademark is formed as well as DOMINION OUTDOORS.

Dominion Outdoors is bigger than this belongs to all of us.  It is claiming the covenant agreement God bestowed to us.  It is to know the strength and responsibility of the gift God gave us to be in charge of the animals.  It is to know when you walk in the woods in the early daylight hours, that you are the most feared creature there.  Nothing in those woods has greater stature than you.  That means we must be thankful for our stature given by God and responsible to use it in a respectful and humble way.  It is to know our place in the food chain and to be thankful to God for allowing us to enjoy it and to own it.  I do not say that we are in charge of the Earth… that is not true.  We are not given charge of the elements...only the animals that inhabit the Earth.  We cannot control the weather or the seasons, but we can own that big bass or that elusive buck.  So, go and subdue the Earth; and if you are like me, you like doing it one creature at a time.


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